Indifference destroys none less than a war or corruption...

Don’t be indifferent - any bit of help can make a difference for our church!

Dear guest, this beautiful church in front of you survived 2 World Wars, times of the Soviet atheist regime, but can not survive through the indifference of the modern generation...

Without proper funding, this architectural gem of 18th century will turn into ruins and we are asking help from everyone around - the community of our village, government officials, every single person around. We need all the help we can get, and we are very grateful for each and every donation.

Help us in our initiative to gather the necessary amount with motto “#Indifference destroys. Don’t be indifferent.” and thank you so much for your contribution!


Church is open Wednesday to Sunday (including) from 11:00 till 18:00. Visitors, who would like to come at any other time, are welcome to contact us by email or a phone number, given in “Contacts” category.

Details for church restoration donation

IBAN: UA223257960000026006300499371

MFO 325796

EDRPOU 26578788

JSC “Oschadbank”, Lviv.

Recipient: Parish Community of the UGCC



Address: str. Grushevskogo 18, Pidgitsi village, Lvivska oblast, Ukraine

Telephone: +380685052114 (Fr. Taras Dzoba)